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Beth O’Leary’s debut novel The Flatshare makes such a delightful read. At once like having a drink during a cringeworthy first date and sipping tea with a close friend, it hits all the marks of a comfort read. Tiffy makes a relatable and likable character as she steps from one unfortunate situation to a more awkward one as she lets go of an unhealthy long term relationship. I particularly enjoy how her friends stand by her and how they all give so generously not only to their friend group but their general community. Tiffy and Leon communicate mostly via sticky notes, and it builds the anticipation of their in person meeting so well. Plus, it gives time for them to develop their thoughts and background of each other, which invites the reader into reflection as well. They ease into a friendship and a safe space to work through some of their issues. It also brings to light emotional abuse and gaslighting ramifications, which makes room for readers to consider what makes a healthy relationship and to celebrate the growth from victim to victor. I want to be part of Tiffy’s friend group as another strong woman, and I look forward to O’Leary’s next book releasing soon.