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This BP Hope article highlights  foods to fight inflammation. Eating these can boost your physical and mental health.

Cameron Crowe’s classic movie Almost Famous is one of my favorites. As it celebrated its ten year anniversary this fall, the director did an interview with Variety that shares behind the scenes insight.

As a teacher and a writer, I reap the benefits of writing longhand on a daily basis. I’m all for making deeper connections in our brains and using that for personal and professional growth. This especially applies for learning and creative processes.

This New York Times article shares additional creative benefits from exercise. I know I’m thankful for my active life and active imagination. Both keep my spirits up to lead a healthy and meaningful life.

This Book Riot dive into the Twilight soundtracks reminds us of the best part of the series. They have some great music. They don’t mention Collective Soul, but I’d like to remind you of the band and their presence on the first album.

I absolutely adore Valentine’s Day and soak in love in all its angst, glory, and fun through movies, books, and  music throughout the season. To give you a cathartic angst release, I present to you my favorite song to sing. I was pretty excited to realize my physical proximity to Chris Carrabba at the beginning of the pandemic.