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Quick and Dirty offers tips for selecting sunscreen. Summer brings sunny times of fun that still require care, and this applies to all seasons.

These healthy foods can prevent clogged arteries. It makes me feel empowered to know I can avoid some damage. The bigger picture of heart health consists of numerous small choices. 

Almost Famous turns 20 this month. I’m having an anniversary celebration weekend. Check out this Entertainment Weekly article for some fun set photos and memories of Cameron Crowe’s masterpiece.

I regularly send and receive letters, and that number has increased during the last several months. It feels good to know I can trust someone enough to share what I write and that they trust me in return. My steady pen pal and best friend has kept me company through supportive letters. This Washington Post article articulates the mental health benefits of letter writing. 

In case you needed more enticement to watch Almost Famous, I present to you the trailer.