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In her book The Beauty of Broken: My Story, and Likely Yours Too former MOPS International CEO Elisa Morgan shares her openly broken story. Morgan shatters the illusion that Christian leaders have perfect lives. Through vulnerable anecdotes and reflection, she encourages readers to go deeper in their lives. A reminder that we all face unexpected obstacles flows through the pages not as a doomsday warning but as a message of hope that we have strength, guidance, and community in God. I appreciate most her willingness to share where she can see she missed the depth of her or someone else’s experience but has now recognized and learned from it. She reflects how she didn’t understand the complexity of her son’s struggle and now can see his efforts to overcome it; she also acknowledges how we must be honest regarding forgiveness. That means not ignoring or brushing it off with an, “it’s okay,” but really looking at it for the pain and dirt it is yet still maintaining connection with that person. Morgan has experienced a lot and has learned a lot from those obstacles because she had a willingness to look into those times, recognize God’s guidance, and apply what she learned.