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Colm Toibin’s quiet and introspective novel Brooklyn delivers a beautiful character driven story about an Irish immigrant who lands in New York. Young and ready to work the job her sister and pastor helped her secure, Eilis adjusts to life in a new country. Sometimes she stands out due to her nationality, and others she sticks out because she upholds a higher level of ethic than her housemates. Her experiences feel so real, I believed I really could see through her eyes. The uncertainty she faces, the joy and love she discovers, and the hope she holds all keep me rooting for her. Realistic and raw, this story shares a universal optimism.

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In case you were wondering about the movie, this is one of those few times where the film is as good as, or maybe even better, than the book. Somehow it made a quiet entrance at the box office and appearance at the Oscars, but it deserves to be noticed as much as Eilis does.