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As usual, Katherine Center delivers an uplifting and sweet story in her latest release What You Wish For. Set in Galveston, Texas, the story follows school librarian Sam as she faces significant changes in her workplace, the most significant involving the reappearance of an old, massive crush. However, love worthy Duncan seems different than Sam last saw him. Together, they learn how to open their hearts to trust and love. The school changes seem not to be the only change in this story. Center alters her balance in character growth in this story, and it makes the development a little off kilter. The focus seems to rest on Duncan, and Sam takes a backseat even though she experiences growth too. That said, it still makes a sweet story and I still recommend it. Katherine Center books always get bumped to the front of my TBR pile when I get them.

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This hits shelves in July, so add it to your summer reading list!