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For my Sunday Ritual this week, I’ve added silver and pink glitter to my manicure and watched Clueless. The movie ties into a Galentines theme with its focus on friendships and matchmaking. While we tend to get caught up in the romantic side of love for Valentine’s Day, love between friends counts just as much. Cher and her best friend Deon welcome Ty, the new girl at school, into their inner circle. Together they face the perils of driving lessons, grades and unrequited love. At the end, it’s the girls having a good time together that matters.

My love for love goes back many years. Well before I ever had a Valentine in the traditional sense, I eagerly awaited my favorite holiday so I could give sweet (or cheesy) notes and chocolates to my friends. Even now, my favorite angle of this season revolves around my besties. My email preview of my mail shows me I have another Valentine note arriving soon, so I feel excited to open it. It is a trade for the crafted notes I have outgoing for my friends to receive later this week. As we start a new week, let’s consider a friend who might enjoy a sweet note celebrating friendship’s love.


Fun Fact: Clueless has inspiration Jane Austen’s Emma. A Jane Austen novel or screen adaptation works perfectly for Valentine entertainment. Mr. Darcy does reign as a beloved romantic hero.