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Dantes has escaped the prison at Chateau D’if! He has accomplished no small feat and during a storm no less. After joining a new crew, he eventually steers their ship to his destination. His prison mate Faria has left Dantes with the secrets to find the treasure. Now he has to find the right cave.

The island at first appears to have no more caves. Dantes considers how the landscape could have changed over time. He ponders if rocks could have sealed the entryway. Finally, he even accepts it may never have existed and he has fallen into a false belief. Yet even in his despair and acceptance of that possibility, he continues thinking of the chance that the desired treasure may exist. That leads him to the ultimate discovery. He uses a new approach to see if whoever hid the treasure created a false barrier to the entrance. This proving true, Dantes at lasts breaks through and discovers gold and jewels aplenty.

The crisis of belief Dantes experiences resembles the human struggle to maintain faith. Sometimes we know the truth and have heard the story telling us how to find our treasure or destination or purpose. Yet we doubt what we know. We wonder if a mistake has been made; maybe those treasures aren’t intended for us. Maybe they never existed at all. Dantes knows others make fun of his friend Faria’s stories of treasure; they consider him mad. Dantes eventually wonders if they have the right perspective. We do the same when others scoff at our goals or values. Yet the treasure does exist. It may seem crazy or counterintuitive, but the continued belief and persistence to keep figuring out the next step and taking it makes it possible to discover. Remember that God holds true to His promises no matter what anyone else says.