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I received a copy of A Bound Heart by Laura Frantz from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for a review.


A Bound Heart has the allure of the Scottish highlands and a romance that endures a perilous voyage across the ocean. However, it falls short of fully planting its characters and setting with the weight of their history. It has a lot of potential for learning more about indentured people and colonial living, but it doesn’t explore the full extent of the personal implications and the internal dilemmas the characters face. These circumstances would stir a lot of emotion in most people, but these characters seem mildly affected. It all comes across a little too clean. I hoped to see more of the reality of their struggle both internally and externally.


Warning: If you search for this title on Goodreads, this book does not show up first. The results show books with covers indicating erotica. The Laura Frantz one reviewed here does not fall into that category.