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I’ve recently read Charles Martin’s The Mountain Between Us with my library book club. This book has surpassed my expectations of a rough adventure in the wild. Though it does involve a rather bleak trek through snowy mountain terrain, it goes beyond physical survival. The friendship that develops between Dr. Ben Payne and Ashley Knox has depth to it as they learn each other’s backgrounds their conversation. Ben has the necessary skills to keep them alive on a basic level, and he goes beyond by keeping Ashley’s spirits uplifted as they converse on their journey.

I have enjoyed this book more than I initially anticipated, and I have felt pleasantly surprised. I like the depth added to the characters and the development of their friendship. The plot structures around survival, and that gives some spice to my usual settings. Then the conversations fit right into what I like to read.

Since reading this, I have noticed a few other Charles Martin titles I’d like to read. As a Christian fiction author, his books have an uplifting undertone. I have heard and read the movie adaptation vastly differs from the book, but I’m curious to check that out as well.