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I received a copy of Sarah Loudin Thomas’s The Sound of Rain from Bethany House in exchange for a review.

This novel follows a similar structure and theme as numerous other Christian historical fiction stories. While that makes it comforting to follow Judd and Larkin as they both move toward facing fears in their life to find and follow God’s purpose for their lives, it hits the mark sometimes. Part of this might come from the biggest transformation happening in a secondary character when you expect the protagonists to experience the most growth. Larkin’s father serves as both an obstacle to Larkin pursuing her dreams due to his anger and disapproval as well as the person who overcomes those obstacles. His experience indicates a significant change whereas Larkin’s seems more like a revelation. She and Judd both do overcome real obstacles and face difficulties, but they don’t come across as the strong focus.

Despite the sometimes confusing plot structure, the situations still hold relatable content and good lessons. Trust, fear and understanding all play out as the characters struggle to relate to each other while pursuing their direction. Ultimately, the cast demonstrates a tangible hope for reconciliation and healing.



If you enjoy reading books that have holiday scenes this time of year, this book has a Thanksgiving scene, a Christmas morning and a November wedding. Yet it doesn’t exclusively take place during that time. It gives a nice taste of the holiday spirit without being a Christmas themed story.