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I have read A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles, and I do not have words to portray properly how exquisite Towles writes. The story has the makings of a modern classic with its superb writing, fun and well developed characters and engaging plot. As Count Rostov carries out his house arrest in an elegant hotel, he finds himself connecting to the community there and eventually growing a family as an adoptive father. Smart as the classic Russian writers he reads, the Count shares unique insight into life and Russian politics at the time. The stagnant setting makes a nice contrast for the development of the Count.

I recommend this book for almost anyone. It has a lot of topics ripe for discussion in a book club, and it offers a highly engaging read.

Tip: Pair this with a viewing of Casablanca, preferably watching the film before reading the book or watching it as a break when you reach the halfway point in the book.