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I now have had my second experience with the Brig o’ Doon, and I must say I have enjoyed this young adult retelling much more than the movie my college roommates and I watched years ago. This magical twist on time travel and fantasy makes for a fun adventure and of course includes plenty of romance. It even adds a thoughtful layer of faith and community.

As best friends Mackenna and Veronica find themselves crossing the mythical Brig o’ Doon and entering Doon’s kingdom during their trip to Scotland, they find themselves on an adventure much different than they imagined. They stick together to contribute to the community and ultimately to save it. Along the way, they learn how to deepen their faith in what will unfold for their fates as well as that of Doon and to trust each other. We see that sharing burdens of truth and uncertainty makes it easier to handle situations than facing them completely alone, as Veronica does in a prideful attempt to protect her friends. The strength of friendship and community ultimately wins the day.

Between the unique people and kingdom, the general sense of adventure and unique way to look at faith, I have enjoyed my trip to Doon. I look forward to continuing the series to read what happens next. I’m also curious to check out the source material. Though the movie I’ve seen has generally low reviews, the TV special with Robert Goulet has positive ones. Here’s to the next adventure having singing and dancing!