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When I watched The King’s Speech last Sunday while my nails dried, I couldn’t help but see a parallel between King George VI’s journey to king and Moses’s to leader of the Israelites. Then this weekend I read the story of God speaking to Moses through the burning bush during my prayer time. Again, the experience seemed familiar. Both these notable speakers knew they did not possess the greatest skill for their calling. Yet following the responsibility laid before them, they far exceeded anyone’s expectations, including their own. This reminded me of the doubt I regularly fight when it comes to following through on my purpose. Leaders and common folk alike struggle with insecurities.

Neither King George VI nor Moses started with the skills needed to fulfill their duty. Yet they willingly followed the instructions given them. Moses reluctantly followed God’s request to go to Pharaoh, and King George VI met with his speech therapist regularly to progressively overcome his stammer. Though neither one completely diminishes his weakness, they each use their developed skill to serve their people. They also both find success.

Doubt creeps into all our minds at some point and with varying strengths. Between my negative thoughts and my obsession with approval, I find myself not even trying to use, let alone continue developing, some of my skills and gifts. However, no matter how they compare to the greatest in that particular field, I still can contribute encouragement to the world no matter how small. I simply must follow my direction faithfully. It poses more challenge than it seems, but the possibility exists with a continual renewing of the mind and focus on truthful, good and noble thoughts and deeds.

People still remember King George VI as a great speaker who used his speeches to restore hope in England’s monarchy and country during a time of conflict. Moses has mistakes on his record (he even died before entering the Promised Land as a result), but he still reigns as one of the greatest biblical leaders. We can hold hope that we need not reach perfection in our efforts. We can follow our path faithfully, including making efforts to develop our skills so we can serve as best we can.