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As I contemplate the knowledge Dr. Richard Furman shares in Defeating Dementia (review here), I remember how we can improve our health a lot more than we tend to believe. Easily, we find ourselves falling into the myth that our genetics determine our health fate and that we cannot do much to improve it. While genetics can give us a disadvantage in numerous issues, the fact remains that our choices regarding our diet and exercise habits can significantly decrease the effects of many health issues.

Defeating Dementia outlines several facets of our health that we can improve by our own choices, such as blood pressure. This book as well as numerous articles I’ve read from Mayo Clinic and other sources remind us that a lot of deaths come from preventable heart disease and similar issues. So rather than accept a fate based on myth, let’s consider what we can do to improve our quality of health. This keeps us living more independently and happily and saves us from spending our extra money on avoidable health expenses. It also prevents us creating a strain on our family members or other caregivers who would have to give their time and money to us because we didn’t take care of ourselves as well as we should have when we had the knowledge and ability to do so.

We have a lot more power than we like to believe. We hold the responsibility of managing and caring for our health. Take some time to research how you can improve your diet and exercise routine to improve your overall health. This keeps you able to fulfill your purpose longer.