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I received a copy of Defeating Dementia: What You Can Do to Prevent Alzheimer’s and Other Forms of Dementia by Richard Furman, MD, FACS from Revell in exchange for a review.

Dr. Furman makes the practical information in his book very accessible. Readers need not hold any mastery in medicine to understand the concepts. The first part of the book explains how dementia develops in simple terms, helping readers understand the changes in the brain as dementia develops and progresses. After sharing a working knowledge of the illness, he encourages readers to commit to taking care of their exercise and diet habits as the choices they make now will affect their body later. They hold the power to prevent or at the very least significantly decrease the effects of dementia.

I appreciate not only how anyone can access this information in its simplicity and therefore use it to help themselves but also how Dr. Furman emphasizes the power and control each person has to influence their own health fate. Most the factors that contribute to the progression of the illness fall into habits and lifestyle choices an individual can control. That feels empowering and really pushes readers to adapt to a healthy lifestyle.

Regarding the power of habit, Dr. Furman writes, “Whether you eat properly, maintain an ideal weight, or exercise is dependent on the habits you develop. So much in life is related to habits. Your routines eventually become habits that you don’t even think about. Willpower and self-discipline are the two most important factors in the success of habit development” (195). Choose today to evaluate your habits and watch your risk factors of: high cholesterol, a sedentary lifestyle, excess weight, high blood pressure and diabetes. You can create habits to maintain a healthy diet, ideal weight and exercise routine to avoid those risk factors and therefore avoid or decrease the effects of dementia.