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A lot of retail, dining and customer service oriented companies offer surveys to their customers. Most people ignore these questions and the chance to give back some of the same help someone just offered. Sure, those people help for their jobs and most customers have busy schedules. However, most the surveys take about two minutes, five tops. Adding a kindly worded comment for the representative can uplift their day.

Unfortunately, most customer service workers have undesirable schedules, face rude customers all throughout their shifts and take all this on for little pay. Your kind words can remind them their help does improve someone’s day. It can show them that not all customers treat them as less than. For a mostly thankless job with little positive feedback, a kind comment on the survey can give the encouragement to keep going.

Consider filling out the survey the next time someone offers you one. Tell the person who provided you excellent service that you appreciate what they did. Two minutes of your time can lift up their spirits among all the people who tend to forget to show any thanks. Neither your deed nor theirs will go unnoticed. A kind word acknowledges that.