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In Exodus 16, we find the Moses leading the Israelites to the Promised Land. They have escaped slavery in Egypt and have spent many days and nights moving toward this new place. As they start to tire, they wonder if the trek is worth the cost; they feel uncertain about the unknown future and place ahead. They start to complain that they had it better in their previous situation. Essentially, they find it hard to let go of their bondage.

Part of their difficulty stems from a fear of the unknown. Though they despise their slavery situation, they know what to expect. This journey has brought them through numerous new difficulties, and overcoming those obstacles requires a lot of trust in Moses’ leadership and in God as He guides them. As a lot of us do even today, they have trouble believing God’s promises and that He will fulfill them.

We may not face a physical desert journey as part of God’s plan for us. Yet following God’s will does require trust and difficult steps. Each choice we make can move us forward, no matter how seemingly small. The Israelites have to make a choice daily to continue in the direction of the promised land. As they go, they must trust that God will provide for their basic needs. Sometimes it feels easier to go back to the familiar pain; sometimes we do take a step back after taking one forward. Let’s not let that deter us. After a step back or a mistake, we can still choose to take the next step toward our goal. We can release any bondage we may have from guilt, shame, sin. God continually washes us clean as we seek His grace and follow His path. We can accept freedom and live in His fulfilled promises.


If you tell me I have to go on a quest through a vast desert land to get to my better situation, I would definitely have a hard time believing you. I certainly would not follow you out the door in simple trust.