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Last night, I finished reading To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han as my latest buddy read with my best friend. I must say it fulfilled all my return to high school fantasies as the new school year progresses. The story followed Lara Jean as she embarked on her journey to experience love’s possibilities, spurred by her secret love letters mysteriously getting sent to her past crushes. The progression of events reflected anyone’s fears of embarrassment in front of a love interest or group of peers. It made me cringe in relating to the angst of saving face, and it made me laugh as she journeyed through the awkwardness of learning how to relate to boys.

The simple, upbeat book flowed smoothly and even had the feel of a romantic comedy movie. I vividly imagined the high school setting and its characters and their homes. I even felt Lara Jean’s angst as she wondered how to handle her crushes holding the letters revealing her private feelings about them. Jenny Han realistically portrayed the confusion of navigating high school and relationships; I appreciated how she even depicted Lara Jean’s nervousness and clear lack of readiness to trust a boy and develop a romance with him.

I absolutely enjoyed this book and the feeling it gave me of returning to the precious high school period in my life. It made me thankful for my true friendships at that time, appreciative that I had a perfect gentleman for a prom date, and grateful that I made it through with a sense of belonging. I went to sleep after finishing the book looking forward to reading the rest of the series, especially since I noticed the third installment includes Lara Jean’s senior prom. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun read, especially one to discuss with your high school buddies.