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I received a copy of Anne Bogel’s new release I’d Rather Be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life as part of the launch team.

As always, I enjoy Anne’s perspective on all matters books and the reading life. This cute, short, sweet treasure provides a quick, uplifting read. She shares some of her reading journey and encourages readers to examine their own reading lives. Through these endeavors, I gain a greater appreciation for the books that have shaped me, my record of books read and my trusted book buddies who not only can discuss books with me but also know my tastes to recommend good books. Anne’s voices always flows invitingly, welcoming readers of all backgrounds into the bookish life.

I recommend this as a gift for any reader. Though small in size, it makes a great coffee table book, or maybe more appropriately a nightstand book. Any chapter offers a dose of comfort, and its cover shows a bookish scene where anyone would enjoy reading; that particular one just happens to belong to Anne and her family. This book offers nostalgia and non-bossy advice. I for one feel encouraged to continue writing more in my book journal to track my thoughts on my reads. I have also added some new books to my to-be read list since I’ve trusted Anne’s recommendations for about a year now.

If you appreciate her book, she’s out there on her podcast as well as her blog. I belong to her Modern Mrs. Darcy Book Club and can attest to the wonderful community of readers there. I am forever thankful I received her last book to review last year and thus stumbled upon the book club.