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I received an advanced reading copy of As Bright As Heaven by Susan Meissner from BookishFirst in exchange for a review.

I really have enjoyed taking a trip through history by reading this book. Though I can’t imagine what experiencing the Spanish Flu epidemic 100 years ago, much less compounding those great losses with those of the war during the same period, I can relate to the three sisters’ life dilemmas. They go through tough experiences and loss, and they maintain a personal strength as well as a strong connection with their family.

At first glance, I dislike jumping between perspectives, especially when it goes beyond two (this one has four). Yet I find Meissner does a good job making each character clear and interlacing the perspectives to get the story’s full picture. Especially as the book progresses, I enjoy the distinct characters and their various ages.

This book gives a great glimpse into a tough part of history. I feel as though I have lived vicariously through this family and now have a greater understanding of the time and its turmoil as well as its blessings remaining in the ashes, as the girls learn.