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I read Kasie West’s recent Love, Life, and the List with my best friend and book buddy. The book and the buddy reading served as a good reminder of creating and pursuing goals. Abby generated a list of experiences that would help her gain heart to put into her heart, and she pushed herself to fulfill those and learned about life and love in the process. In turn, I received a gentle nudge to keep growing and satisfying my own goals.

Abby was in high school and therefore at least ten years younger than me, but I found her experiences relatable. Learning how to share problems with your family and understanding they have difficulties too applied to anyone. The concept of participating in new experiences to gain understanding, depth and knowledge applied to any relational or professional goals as well. Most importantly, pursuing goals and having a team of supporters fit as an overarching message.

The story had a fun, lighthearted flow. Abby navigated school, family, friends, a developing hobby and love. The situations provided a balance of a little thought with a lot of fun. I enjoyed the ride and rooted for Abby to reach her goals and to connect closer with her friends and family.