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I received a copy of Beloved Hope, the second book in the Heart of the Frontier series, by Tracie Peterson in exchange for a review.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, which made sense to me despite not having read the first in the series. Though the setting may seem old, simple and isolated from civilization, it presents complex human issues through the lives of the three sisters in the Flanagan family in Oregon City. The story revolves around Hope; she, along with her older sister Grace, survived a massacre by the Cayuse. The effects of that trauma lingers even more than two years later when the trial occurs for the Cayuse. Hope still keeps her heart hidden and fears the man who abused and impregnated her while she was held hostage. Yet as the story unfolds, we see multiple perspectives and timelines of forgiveness as well as hope for romance and intimacy after healing.

The story depicts a realistic development of pain, healing and forgiveness. Hope goes from fear to hope as she finally learns to trust the Lord. Ultimately, she sees that she need not hide from the prospect of marriage as she can enjoy an intimacy with God as well as with someone he has in mind for her. The story shows the understanding and patience of a godly man as Army lieutenant Lance Kenner gets closer to Hope, always respecting her need for space and understanding. Hope’s sisters also go through different phases of trust, love and forgiveness as they embark on new stages of their relationships and healing from the massacre trauma.

I enjoyed the story, particularly its realistic and hopeful portrayal of healing and forgiveness. The setting may have been different from my experience, but I could relate to the universal experience of learning to trust. It also presented new information regarding history that informed while providing a premise for a timeless hope lesson.

I already have another Tracie Peterson book on my shelf to review. I look forward to reading and reviewing Out of the Ashes as well as continuing the Heart of the Frontier series.