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I received a copy of Praying with Eyes Wide Open: A Life-Changing Way to Talk with God by Sherry Harney with Kevin G. Harney from Baker Books in exchange for a review.

The Harneys visit a common theme of prayer but provide good insight into its necessity and effectiveness in everyday life. They emphasize the concept to pray continually from 1 Thessalonians 5: 17. This includes prayers of lament, joy and intercession. When we pray, God will respond.

The book urges us to pray openly and honestly with God as we go through our days. My favorite takeaway from the authors is that “Honest prayer can actually crystallize our thinking and teach us to trust God at deeper levels.” As we keep the line of communication open, we can learn more about God and thus see Him acting on our behalf.

Overall, the book serves as a reminder for prayer life, some ideas new and some repeated. They use scripture, anecdotes from all over the world and analysis to illustrate their points with authority. It can serve as a good book for anyone needing a little encouragement in their prayer life.