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I received a copy of Real Love In An Angry World: How To Stick To Your Convictions Without Alienating People by Rick Bezet in exchange for a review.

This book seems fitting for today’s society where so many opinions get tossed around on a daily basis. Without fail, these topics enter into our everyday discussions, potentially leaving us wondering how to share appropriately differing viewpoints. Overall, Bezet focuses on staying rooted in the Word and faith. From there we can ensure what we say flows from a godly perspective rather than from our personal feelings.

As an example of these roots, Bezet illustrates the story of Moses and the Israelites fleeing Egypt. He reminds us how daily they had to collect their bread in the form of manna. We too have to collect our physical bread and Word bread from Jesus, again on a daily basis. This shapes our minds and hearts and allows us to share love as we reflect and grow.

Bezet maintains a casual style, which I mostly enjoy. He comes across as someone having a conversation with you, a fitting approach for the topic. However, a couple of the jokes distract me from the professional tone a book still should uphold. The book overall makes the information accessible and easily applicable.

I have enjoyed this book and may revisit points again in the future. The point to stay rooted in daily scripture serves as an important reminder. I also want to reflect how I talk to people and ensure that I maintain approachability, compassion and understanding in my encounters and discussions with people.