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Egg Press and Hello!Lucky promote National Letterwriting Month through their Write_On Challenge. They even sent me a card kit to get me started on more letters and included a zine for inspiration. The zine has 30 ideas for letters, and I’d like to give those prompts a whirl here.

The first letter is a thank you note to someone you see every day. As there aren’t many people I see every day, the people who first come to mind are my co-workers at Target. This one goes out to my teammate Chris.

Dear Chris,

I want to write a quick thank you to you to let you know that I enjoy our discussions. Talking about Supergirl and Limitless in passing after new episodes gives me a sense of something regular in my life. First I have the show, then I have an excited friend to greet me with exuberance about the latest episode; that gives me a chance to take my thoughts a little further as I share them with someone who respects them and adds to the discussion. I don’t know nearly as much about the comic world as you, but it’s fun to learn more through our dialogue.

Most importantly, I want to thank you for listening to my recent story idea. Not only did you let me voice it, but you answered my background questions and made it sound like my idea has potential and the depth to which I aim. I trust your knowledge in the subject matter and appreciate your respect to my contribution.

Thank you for being you. I enjoy your comic book and sci-fi geekiness and how you let it shine. Thank you for sharing the excitement and inspiration of Supergirl with me.