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I’m gazing at the sign hanging from the ceiling at Dunkin Donuts that reads: “pick up.” The pink background and white letters lend themselves to an innocently bright feel. Underneath it are cups displaying the sizes of the latte, espresso and cappuccino drinks. We all need a little “pick me up” on a regular basis, and the size can vary from person to person or even day to day.

Lately, coffee has served as a tremendous “pick me up” for me. Not only do I enjoy my quiet moments drinking coffee after breakfast, but I sip another cup later in the afternoon if my schedule permits. Maybe it’s because I’m a writer, but the slow drinking and the warmth provide such a comfort. Sometimes I muse that I would sit at a desk drinking coffee all day if I could. While I should watch the caffeine and acid levels from high coffee consumption, I’d say a vice could be much worse. Plus, I don’t drink a large every day. Sometimes I simply stick with a small dose.

My point is to find a “pick me up” and incorporate it into our schedule on some regular basis, even if it’s a weekly donut treat rather than a daily cup of coffee. I find that as my cup empties so does some of my anxiety. That makes the slowdown in my day worth it. I can continue from there to tackle the next items on my list with renewed strength as it fills my positive determination.

Let’s find a simple “pick me up” to keep us from hitting the ground. It can even vary from day to day or week to week depending on the amount of pressure needing decreased. The act of taking a moment from the regular productivity to enjoy a personalized detail makes it easier to progress the rest of the day.