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Ne-Yo’s upbeat song “Closer” reminds us of the basic need for human interaction. Not only do people crave love on a deep level, but they seek simple connection. Even the music video shows that the singer can’t spend all his time alone. A wonderful link, or even a lack thereof, can trigger drug like responses in the brain.

It seems common knowledge that falling in love has its euphoric side effects. Ordinary conversation can produce similar reactions. As Ne-Yo describes the draw of the woman he sees at some public establishment, “I just can’t pull myself away.” Neither can anyone from society. A quick exchange at the grocery store reminds the customer and clerk that they live in a world where they serve each other. Talking to a trusted friend delves deeper to give each the opportunity to let their thoughts flow freely. Without sharing, people only crave interaction, leading to potential stir crazy actions. Yet most would share Ne-Yo’s sentiment that “I just can’t pull myself away/under a spell I can’t break/I just can’t stop” as they can’t last long without seeking out another person.

This song in particular captures the positively addictive powers of love, but it hits the basic need for human interaction as well. The more one gets, the more one wants, as they discover it “shines just like a star.” Like the shining woman, interaction owns the world.