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I have one week left until Christmas, and snowfall last night has left hope for a white holiday. My early start time at work allows me to be one of the first out for the day. As a morning person, I somewhat enjoy this. Today I get extra introspection as I have placed the first footprints on the path leading into my apartment building. That path reminds me that sometimes I need to be a trailblazer.

Fortunately, I have walked the path from my doorstep to the parking lot several times already and know where to walk even when the pavement has a blanket of snow over it. Pausing to see the un-blazed powder, I admire the powder. This particular fall has a sparkle to its powder. I have not hesitated to make my way through its beauty. Yet my waking mind has shined its light on the fact that I usually hold back when standing on my various paths in life.

These paths may not have as clear of a pavement just beneath what I see on the surface like my apartment features, but they exist nonetheless. Focusing on the light, even when it barely shines beyond my feet, makes it possible to keep stepping forward. I get to blaze the trails that lead to work, love, success, community. Most importantly, I have a guide ahead of me that provides hope. My life has its sparkle as well.

On a personal note, I have made a couple positive strides toward a writing gig as well as a new job. They serve as first bigger steps that progress my career and writing. It’s time to stop hesitating and start moving!