It’s about time for a new manicure. Here’s a musical theme from a couple weeks ago.

Fabulously Fancy Fingertips



This past week my nails were Julep Celia with NailRitz blue heart music notes that doubled as headphones. They reminded me of five aspects of music and how closely it ties to expressions of love:

1.) Love and music are closely related. So many songs reflect relationships, their joys, their potential, their sparks, and their breaks.
2.) Listening to music unites us in the experiences of love; the songs remind us we are not the only ones who have been through such situations.
3.) The green and blue color combination reminds me of a certain someone who inspires my artistic writing lately, both sad and joyful about the time we have spent together.
4.) A cyclical relationship happens between listening to and writing music. Either way of experiencing the song has its therapeutic results.
5.) I have my manicure reflective of the most recent concert I’ve attended. My nails fit…

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