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Today is my dad’s birthday! I’m incredibly blessed to have a father who supports me no matter what. Especially after entering the real world, his experience and insight has served as pertinent advise. I merely have begun to scratch the surface of my lifetime goals for my career, writing, and relationships, and his shared vision for me keeps me focused. It’s easy to doubt my potential, and I’ve realized how important it is to surround myself with people who look at me and see me for who I am as well as who I will be. Hearing my dad tell me, “You should find a magazine where you can publish a monthly piece” reminds me that I can have that. All I need to do is put myself out there. Then I can rest assured knowing I’ve taken a step and have someone beside me to take the next one. I am fortunate to have a successful role model who shares big dreams for me and adjusts my focus to realize them.

Happy birthday Dad!