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A car passed by

Looked like your dad’s

More status, less grill

I’m sure you drive one new


That white hearse he gave

As he pushed your life

I imagine future passengers

As you peer down the road


Your throne a higher seat

In a new but familiar place

I’m turning my neck to see

Then back at my path ahead


I shed a tear when reminded

You travel with another

Still I’m surrounded, accepted, loved

By followers who venture the same way


My prayer is answered

I progress solo, seeing doors open

Witnessing my words unfold

Holding your belief in me, thankful


Don’t forget our road trip

And how the highways here

Intertwine, so many possibilities

Even for a new car on a different route


We intersect on our great path

For we traveled together

And will pass time to time

A kind face pairs with a friendly wave


Perhaps a stop for fuel

Opens our tanks to renew

Dunk in coffee, our pick me up

To find our young faces reminiscing


We raise our gaze to each other

Meeting longing eyes that never changed

The loyal brown loves yet and admires

The big heart of his understanding angel