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I finally made it to a World Cup watch party at Power & Light in Kansas City yesterday, and boy was it fun! Some of the fans’ outfits made me feel like I was at a frat party, but the energy stayed high. I had fun, and it just happened to coincide with a win for myself on the career front. I turned in my notice at my current job and got the details set for training at my next job.


I don’t normally like to be surrounded by people, but I enjoy the energy of crowds coming together to cheer on a team.


Speaking of frat boys, this guy reminded me of Zac Efron in Neighbors. He even had the paparazzi surrounding him!


I, on the other hand, had my friend Nick with me to keep all the passerby at bay.


In case it wasn’t already evident, I enjoyed people watching.

USA may have lost the game, but they put up a good fight. The game was fun, and I ended the day successful at my goals.