A wedding weekend made for a couple good manicures last week.

Fabulously Fancy Fingertips





I got two manicures again this week as the weekend happened to be a wedding weekend where I got to be the Maid Of Honor.
The first polish had a little flair from its unique fuzz. I tried my Rock Hard polish that had an added fuzz that looked like velvet. I wasn’t sure how I might like it, but I was pleasantly surprised with its eclectic elegance. My boyfriend liked it too. Unfortunately, the velvet rubbed off rather easily and my boyfriend left the country. I kept moving though to keep myself classy inside and out.

My second set of nails included two OPI polishes hand selected with the help of the beautiful bride. She and I wore Suzi & The Lifeguard on our hands and what we deemed the “non color,” the purple mud on our toes. She was the most beautiful and chill bride.
*I will share…

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