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As you may have guessed, I have a lot on my plate right now as I chase my dreams. I am still searching for my new home and job to feel settled. This quest accompanies my everyday maintenance tasks as I keep my independence. Two goals exist, closely related. My confidence to conquer the potential rejection falls back on the security I have in myself. Right now that rests in how much my home feels autonomously built.

Goals to settle in a home and progress a career cost money, involve multiple steps, and involve a commitment of time and effort. My main items take the most dedication, and I have realized I can help myself by momentarily focusing more on one item. Settling into my own home again takes a load off my plate. It also makes it easier to throw myself into my dream goal as I stand on my independent foundation.

Sometimes I have to remember to work from the ground up. Creating and maintaining the framework makes it possible to accomplish my bigger goals. So for now I continue to apply for jobs, but I need to make sure I square away my apartment arrangements. Comfortable within my strong walls, I can reach out knowing I’m okay.

That leads me back to my autonomous routine where I can more confidently venture into my community. So far I’ve scoped out a church to try and continue to tackle the job front. I’ve even found myself social engagements for a couple weekends recently.

Like everyone else, I have to make a way for myself, and I am the one who best knows how to take care of myself. So far I’ve managed my own household for a few years successfully. Changes have happened recently as I have jumped farther into the “real world,” but I should rest in the framework I’ve developed. I may not build all the furnishings beautifully upon first try, but I will continue to triumph in the progress. Here’s to making a home where I thrive after work!