My nails had my favorite color again, accompanied by a bright floral design for Spring and Easter.

Fabulously Fancy Fingertips




My nails have my favorite color as the base again, being Revlon New Money. The rest includes a floral design in a Nail Art purple and an LA Colors white with a couple accent nails done in a plaid Jamberry decal. The bright green hue and flowers serve as a good reminder of all the growth right now.
Physically, the world around us has come back to life with the spring season upon us, and I get to see the blooms of the seeds I have planted in my new (again) hometown. Not every application leads to a job and not every apartment viewed is my home, but I’m getting closer in my attempts. I just have to keep cultivating good situations and smiling.
What do these bright colors and blooming flowers encourage you to grow this spring?

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