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Sometimes I fake it. I don’t even always realize it. The actions come pretty naturally. Take my customer service job. I see a customer, I smile, I provide assistance. Maybe I feel that happiness with the joy in my heart. Maybe I don’t. I’m there to make those people happy. Ultimately, it makes me feel good too.

Sometimes I need to make it my job to make myself experience happiness. I possess such a natural joy, but that doesn’t mean I always feel happy. My joyful disposition pairs with my sensitivity (to keep me balanced I suppose). I need to remind myself not to get lost in the sadness after I mellow out. Those feelings can escape and get replaced with happier ones as I smile through each situation.

I smile to all customers in an attempt to keep them satisfied, the curled lips a symbol to them and a release for me. The gesture releases natural endorphins. It brings a certain authenticity to even the forced smiles. That’s probably what keeps me from getting bogged down by the rude and mean customers.

I just need to maintain this practice in my everyday life. My life gives me so many reasons to smile, but it’s still life. It comes with its own obstacles. They weight heavier on me right now.

Yet I can still smile. I just need to get some good face time to show it. That involves a variety of acts and reminders. I take the time to take care of myself, even simply looking at myself in the mirror as I make myself presentable for high standards. I use my own social media to share positive messages with everyone that I myself need to consider. My friends take time to maintain correspondence with me as we write letters and talk on the phone. All these words and reflections make me smile. The smile ultimately shows happiness that matches the joy in my heart.