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I should be listening to live music at Middle Of The Map festival right now. I could bask in the wonder that accompanies a concert, spend quality time with a friend who loves the experience as much as I do, and take advantage of the music scene and writing inspiration offered by this city life. Yet here I sit at home. Alone (unless the dog counts).

Capturing the opportunities here rests solely in me. The designated people have already arranged and agreed to this festival. I am missing the music as I write. I have chosen this city as my new home for the potential it holds for the goals I have. Easing into it makes sense considering how long it has taken me to simply peek from my shell and how I have given myself considerable more change and adjustment. No excuse remains to keep me from joining the communities here though.

It’s time I find the times and places bands play, church groups meet, friends hang out, and more so I can build my home here. Those aspects accompany the physical act of maintaining my personal dwelling. At those events, I get to capture the memories that line my walls. I keep myself surrounded by what has significance to me.

Now I just have to get out there and keep building and maintaining my home, both literally and figuratively. The time has come. Nothing should hold me back.


From what are you hiding right now? What moments and opportunities can you seize from the world around you?