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The other day, I got my day going by visiting the state park in my college town. I went hiking on the trail and jogged near the lake. My mission for my couple days in town was to get my apartment packed so I could move. Yet my health still held an important aspect of my overall wellbeing. Starting the day with a high priority task maintained my grounds for the rest of the day.

I structure my routine rather particularly, an art I’ve perfected. As a notably morning person, I place some priorities at the start of my day. Ideally, I work out, pray, and prepare for the day before work or my first engagement. That gives me a boost to get me to tackle the day and quality alone time to bolster my confidence for the day. I know what keeps me balanced best.

Other people roll out of bed and go to work. That’s great. I get my five minutes with myself to sip my kick start and check my email, and they get to grab their coffee and enjoy it at work. We all figure out what works best.

I start with at least one of my higher priority items so I feel like I have a solid start and a strengthened foundation for my day. That way, I get something important accomplished every day, even if it is just health maintenance. That’s what keeps me grounded and able to keep reaching forward with my other goals.

What tasks keep you on track for your day and your goals?