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I remember when I first heard this song. It’s on the Now 6 CD I bought over ten years ago. The U2 hit still rings true as ever as encouragement to not let the good in each day get away.

This seems like a good reminder for this season as we welcome the return of the green trees, pink and red flowers, golden sun. The days become more aesthetically beautiful, which makes it easier to embrace the beauty of life. We accept the change.

Yet that doesn’t mean the fresh growth is always easy. Sometimes we have to let go of people we love. Other times we have to tackle situations we didn’t expect. We can’t always predict how the seeds we plant might grow.

I have found myself in a new beginning in every aspect of my life, some planned others not quite anticipated. Sometimes it gets discouraging not knowing where my next home will be as I wait for a couple details to unfold. I still have my family, friends, and journal. What makes my house a home travels with me and will settle with me again.

No matter what, it’s a beautiful day. Some sort of flower always blooms. Take notice of the good and don’t let another day in your life get away unnoticed for its beauty.