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I decided to participate in a weekly writing prompt on a blog I follow by Sreejit Poole. This week’s topic was gratitude, and I wanted to take the opportunity to express my own gratitude for the people who have taken their time and efforts to help me progress my career over the past few years. This ranged from my past bosses who suggested companies to me and who took the chance to hire me to a recruiter who recently helped me get my foot in the door at a company to my parents who always saw my potential. Ultimately, I wrote a poem showing that I got here as a result of people helping me. For that, I had to say thank you.





How can I express

My thanks to you

As I must confess

What I owe to you


For you took the time

To see what I do

On the company’s dime

To progress what they do


When you opened the door

I stepped into this world new

To experience so much more

In a setting new


You gave me a change

In these days few

To steady my stance

As one of the few


So I may join the team

And be a part true

As part of my dream

Starts coming true


It’s all thanks to you

In all that you do

To be one with that blue

And include me too