I loved my new green polish this past week! The fuzz was pretty neat too.

Fabulously Fancy Fingertips


My friend recently has gifted me with new polishes! She knows my love for nails and all things green. So this week I have started testing out my latest additions.
This week’s look features two Sally Hansen polishes: I-Rush Luck as the base and Fuzzy Fantasy on top. I love the shade of green, especially in contrast to the lighter on top. The “fuzz” has goes on like glitter but leaves a different look. It has elicited several comments and compliments. One lady’s remark involves the fuzz looking like short dog hairs. I joke that it looks like AstroTurf since that’s as close as I got to the Super Bowl. The fuzzy polish is simple yet gives my nails such a neat pattern. I love it!
Sometimes the simple touches give us just the boost we need.


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