I painted some flair on my nails after having them plain for a few days.

Fabulously Fancy Fingertips


I did my nails a second time this week because I just couldn’t resist maintaining the fingertip flair after starting off with a plain look.
This design was inspired by another person’s nails I saw shared on Cult Cosmetics and some photos featuring the upcoming season’s trends of stripes. Once again I proved I’m ahead of the trend considering how many times I’ve done stripe and nail variations previously.
This time I used OPI’s “Alpine Snow” for the white base and “Pirouette My Whistle” over it for the glitter. Then I added the purple stripes and hearts with a NailRitz polish pen.
The final look reminded me of sparkly diamonds and Valentine’s Day and royalty. I hoped to keep giving myself reason to celebrate my future and my favorite holiday approaching.

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