My nails had a simpler look this week as they accommodated for my interview.

Fabulously Fancy Fingertips


I went with a more conservative look for my nails this week. I stuck with simply one color, OPI’s “Bubble Bath.” The soft, subtle polish worked perfectly as an elegant accessory for my interview. I felt classy and confident in my suit!

It’s always nice to have a confidence booster, even from the little details around us. I have appreciated all the fun aspects of dressing up for an interview and paying attention to my surroundings. Even my favorite artists playing (John Mayer and Matchbox Twenty) on the radio at a coffee shop and my favorite station (The Buzz) playing the nineties (alternative) at noon when I drive lifts my spirit even more.
What details boost your confidence? What is your favorite part about dressing up for a special occasion?


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