I painted my nails twice last week.

Fabulously Fancy Fingertips



Last week I ended up painting my nails twice due to a paint incident at work. It might not have been the original plan, but I got to try two of my new polishes from my OPI/China Glaze haul from Christmas. My stepmom did well picking the perfect gifts for me!
I started with OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques! as my base with some NailRitz yellow balloons on one hand and stick people with alien heads on the other. Maybe it worked out that I had to redo them because I wasn’t satisfied with the balloons and tried the people and didn’t feel all that satisfied with them. They were probably also rather odd.
So I ended up with OPI’s Tickle My Fancy with NailRitz heart Ks over it. This had a much classier feel to it while still being festive for my birthday.

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