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While we’re exploring new regular topic ideas, let’s start a Flashback Friday series reminiscing on “old” songs and movies to celebrate their entertainment and appreciate their value in thought or message.

We can begin with a peek at Taylor Swift’s song “Teardrops On My Guitar” in honor of Taylor’s 24th birthday today. This tune launched Taylor’s career, building her platform for a nonstop series of hits that preliminary capture the ups and downs of young love.

“Teardrops” shares the pain of unknown, unrequited love. Yet she holds onto the idea of a shared love as it’s “the only thing that keeps me wishing on a star.” Sometimes we have those crushes just to keep up hope for true love. The ultimate goal for the soul mate takes us on an unknown journey. Knowing the standards for what we want helps us seize the most potential options and directions.

Taylor has maintained this in her musical direction as well as her romantic life. She quickly found her niche that continues to make her records bestselling. Her chart toppers range from the highs of love in “Today Was A Fairytale” where she spends a day with her prince to “I Knew You Were Trouble” where she finds herself reflecting on a flame that didn’t suit her. Fully ranging the spectrum, she shows us the journey involves mistakes. Yet maintaining the standard helped her eventually recognize the subpar potential.

We too will make mistakes as we venture into the uncertain paths to our goals, whether career or romantic aspirations. Currently, I face a fork in my personal life with my location and career. Determining the “right” choice seems impossible, especially considering my weakness for making decisions. I can only focus on the goal and hold my standards against my options. “Trouble” moments have an inevitability, but hopefully I’ll ultimately get my “Fairytale.” Either story makes a moment worth sharing. Just listen to Taylor’s albums to remember we’re not alone in the struggle.

Happy birthday Taylor!

I’m aching to live in a city again, and I’m holding the hope of reunification as the teardrops fall on my guitar. I’m exploring the options to get me there.

What’s the reason for the teardrops on your guitar right now?