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It’s time for the first actual Weird Wednesday post. Every Wednesday gives the opportunity to find humor in seemingly uncomfortable situations. Hindsight makes it easier to laugh at these people’s antics.

Before I start regaling you with the humorous versions of the arguably dirty men who shop at Home Depot, let me share one of the stories about the cute little boys who accompany their fathers to the store. They usually balance out the uneasiness from other encounters, leaving a warm, fuzzy feeling instead.

A couple weeks ago a boy around three or four checked out at the self-checkout with his dad. He sat in the driver’s seat of the race cart made for children his size. As they first approached the register, he reached under his seat to grab some of the items as his dad got the ones in the main part of the cart. Yet after putting a couple on the register he stopped, despite there being more items at his feet. He seemed to notice me, so I asked him if he quit on his dad after I inquired about their shopping experience.

His dad instructed him to tell me that they were going to steal those items. After recognizing the humor, the boy emphatically told me what his dad said. I asked him if he had noticed himself on the TV monitor since kids usually fancy seeing themselves on screen. We looked up, and I joked that we could take his picture.

The boy, dad, and I went along with the mug shot idea and added a quick line about putting the boy’s picture on the wall in the store. He told me we could put a picture of him up if he could have a picture of me. Of course by this time he was a little more shy. Maybe he recognized his forwardness.

These could be early signs of a creeper. Or they could just be an adorable boy flirting with a woman at a store. Either way, he brightened my day with his cute antics. It made me smile for a while afterward rather than making me want to cringe. I’d let him have a picture of me.