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I am thankful for fall and all that it brings and symbolizes. Leaves burst into color before they fall, leaving the trees bare against gray skies. Today I have seen a fire engine red against the blue sky during my walk to church. I keep catching myself admiring the beauty surrounding me as I enjoy the weather. October and November make for some of the best jogging conditions. Fall allows us to bask in its beauty.
Fall also allows us to anticipate the coming winter, a season some enjoy and to which others do not anticipate keenly. I personally rather like the coolness. Yet I understand why some don’t share my excitement. I too suffer from extra dry skin, and I don’t like worrying about driving conditions due to ice and snow. Yet even in the gray of winter, we have festivities to anticipate. Christmas and my birthday happen between eight days of each other. One perk to my parents being divorced is that my brother and I get to celebrate each occasion multiple times. There’s even the promise of a new year mixed in there. In the dead of winter, I do more celebrating than I do throughout the rest of the year combined. I have high hopes for my fall and winter events this year. They continue next week with the Justin Timberlake concert.
As the rest of the holidays approach shortly after that, I have some personal decisions to finalize. Decision-making is not my strong suit, and it doesn’t help that I do not possess a lot of clarity in regards to the direction. Yet I must rest assured that I take action for the best and that the situation will continue to get better no matter which location I pick first. It also helps that I have the previously mentioned festivities to enjoy during this time. Knowing I have some set plans, supportive people surrounding me, and celebrations to attend keeps me moving forward.
So the skies may turn gray soon. I may feel more gray about my decisions before they unfold after they take place. Yet color and celebration will occur throughout. My path is not all unknown or all hazy. I am thankful for the occasions I already anticipate and the ones that will present themselves once the other plans get set in motion.
Let’s be thankful for our upcoming festivities. Find an event or date to anticipate and enjoy the wait, knowing you will find contentment in it. Eager anticipation always balances out uncertainty.
I’m excited to see Justin Timberlake in nine days! What occasion are you eagerly anticipating?