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My mom’s getting married in ten days. Her wedding starts my fall events and holiday season. Yet I’m not ready for any of them. I have my dress and accessories to be my mom’s bride’s maid. I have the weekend off work. Yet I don’t have a gift, and I haven’t penned a toast. Like in other aspects of my life, it seems like I’m waiting for a clear sign that will never appear; I need to make some decisions based on the information I do hold.

I know the wedding is rapidly approaching. For the most part, I have an idea of the course of events during the course of the weekend for the small bridal shower (at the spa), reception dinner, ceremony, and reception. It may be a small, casual affair, but it’s a wedding nonetheless. I want it to be special for my mom even if it seems like she doesn’t want a lot of attention drawn to her and the wedding. This marriage, I have the opportunity to serve my mom and bestow gifts accordingly. I just need to get over the uncertainty I see and decide to do what I can to make it special. Who says I can’t share a meaningful toast even if I’m the only one who stands to speak with a glass of champagne in hand?

The same stands true for my career aspirations. I can’t tell you which company will hire me and for what position. Another fog of uncertainty stands in front of me in that realm. Sometimes it feels like I’m grabbing at air as I reach forward, but as I keep extending my arm I will eventually find something in my hand. Again, I may need to make a decision with the knowledge I do possess. In this situation, I have to evaluate my priorities to determine what will put me in the best environment to meet my needs and desires. Certainly, this entails me moving back to a city. My decision may just have to result from contemplating the potential despite not having definitive plans yet. Either way, they will unfold in time. I just must decide what action to take.

The time to decide starts now. With the wedding rapidly approaching, the final countdown has begun. I must pick an appropriate gift and purchase it. A talk with my brother can determine if we can organize a joint toast or presentation of sorts during the reception. After that my career clock still ticks. While I may not have a tangible date like I do for the wedding, I don’t want the main attraction to pass me because I stood too long in the fog without moving forward. As I keep reaching, I can adjust my angle by making decisions to boost my potential for success.