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I don’t really believe in superstitions, but I have had a strange October day. My mind at work slowly drifted as a record number of older gentlemen acted extra sweetly toward me, a mouse lurched from my locker when I opened it to retrieve my purse on my way home, and a black cat sat at the street corner by my apartment. Luckily, the cat did not cross my path. Neither did any other bad omens.

On the contrary to bad omens, I found out a new fun fact today: Mark Wahlberg used to rap under the name Marky Mark. I discovered this fact during my Skype date with one of my best friends from high school as we chatted about life. This fact came up when I mentioned all the Mark Wahlberg movies my boyfriend and I watched this past weekend (2 Guns, Pain and Gain, Date Night) and I joked that my honey had a man crush on Mark since he picks movies because Mark’s in them. I can add the “Good Vibrations” music video to the list! I’m dying to share it with my boyfriend.

Now I’m more curious about other Mark Wahlberg films. I hadn’t realized I might be interested in more Wahlberg movies, some of his dramas perhaps. I like sharing entertainment details with people I love, whether they be mutual interest or the basis for an inside joke or relation. For example, now I think of my boyfriend when I see Wahlberg movies. I’m not as into action movies, but we share time together during those movies. I even got him to try a more comedic movie during my Sunday Ritual when we watched Date Night. We got to sit close, laughing together as we soaked up each other’s company. It seems like Mark Wahlberg is vying to reach Justin Timberlake’s status as our shared person of interest. We continue to bond over JT; we discussed him and his music as we initially became friends and boyfriend/girlfriend, his “Mirrors” is our song, we have tickets to see him in concert soon, we still talk about JT and suits and ties. It’s fun to think of a special someone when you see a certain celebrity, hear a particular song, see a movie because of any connection to that person.

As I’ve mentioned previously, it’s all about the details. Now I have even more details surrounding me to remind me of the specifics of a person I love. I also have the small details of my October to make me reconsider my disbelief in superstitions. You could say it was karma for me to have a mouse jump out of my locker since I didn’t exactly participate in the spirit week crazy hair day today. I substituted crazy hair for a dress I guess. Maybe that’s why all the older gentlemen gave me extra attention, commenting on my dress and my smile. Yet the cat didn’t cross my path. I came home to sip on lemonade and chat with my old friend on Skype, during which I gleaned a new detail about my honey’s man crush.

I captured some of my initial excitement of the “Good Vibrations” discovery.